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I'm Alpesh Kotadia

Core Director RajGreen and Chairman Green Group

Mr. Alpesh Kotadia inherited a fundamental understanding of the construction business from his wide experience of 20 years in construction and development infrastructure. He believes that it's not only the construction of a stunning building that defines the success of a project – the creation of a solid reputation and relationship within the community matter above all else. (The success of a project is not only defined by construction but by creation of a solid reputation and relationship within the community matter above all). Incharge of daily operations and business development for Green Group, he has developed Green Group and keep daily business operation moving forward efficiently with his hard work, administration and concentration in Real Estate Finance and Construction Management.


Sustainable Development

Rajgreen comprises of two words – Raj and Green. Raj stands for grandeur of our creations and Green stands for our commitment towards Mother Nature for a sustainable development. We have envisioned a future where social development is impervious of ecological damage. Our transparent and ethical policies help us retain our customers and build trust among our clientele. We seek to contribute to the growing economy of the country through the residential and commercial real estate services.


Changing Lives

It is essential to prioritize the needs of people while undertaking any project. We believe in delivering extraordinary customer experiences to make them feel privileged to be a part of Rajgreen family.


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